Gates Street Elementary Presents $1,150 Gift to LH Dollars for Scholars

Lincoln Heights' Gates Street Elementary students contribute $1,150 to LH Dollars for Scholars. Funds will support the 2017-18, $5K matching-grant campaign for renewable scholarships. Pictured back row with students (l to r): Carmen Diaz, LH Dollars for Scholars; Gates Street Principal Omar J. Malaszczuk; Hank Castillo, LH Dollars for Scholars; Gates Street teachers Ms. Rangel and Mr. Avila; and Buck Wong, LH Dollars for Scholars. Thank you Gates Street!  

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27 Scholarships Awarded for 2016

Totalling $27,000

We help Lincoln and Sacred Heart High School

graduates succeed through scholarships

Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars®, celebrating 29 years of service in 2017, is a nonprofit that expands the opportunities of Lincoln High and Sacred Heart High School students by working with individuals and businesses to raise scholarship funds for graduating seniors.  In 2016, LH Dollars for Scholars awarded 27 scholarships totaling $27,000.  For a complete list of scholarship winners visit our News and Events page.

 Diana Fuentes Michel 
Giving back to Lincoln Heights

Diana is establishing a college scholarship in her name to help students from Sacred Heart and Lincoln High School achieve their college dreams. She understands from her own life, the economic, personal and academic challenges of pursing a higher education. She hopes to help students, who without financial assistance would not be able to attend college.

As a young child in Lincoln Heights, Diana Fuentes Michel did not consider a four-year college education as a possibility because financially, it appeared out of reach.  Federal, state, institutional and private scholarship aid helped fully fund her undergraduate education at Loyola Marymount University.  In 1975, Diana graduated from Sacred Heart High School in Lincoln Heights. Click here for Diana's full bio.

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If you're a student looking for scholarships, you're at the right place! 

This website provides financial resources for Lincoln and Sacred Heart High School students. Just click "Student and Parents Login" to begin filling out your student profile -- not only will you find and apply for our scholarships, you'll also discover scholarships from across the Scholarship America® network that you may be eligible for. 

Our mission is to mobilize our community, through scholarships and educational support, to make post-secondary success possible for Lincoln Heights students.

Our goals are to (1) provide scholarship assistance for as many graduating Lincoln and Sacred Heart high school students as possible who plan to attend an accredited four-year college or university, community college or vocational institution; and (2) develop financial resources for the continuing distribution of scholarships for those graduating students to continue their education.


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