Chapter Will Be Awarding $33,600 
in New and Renewable Scholarships in 2020!

Students who are recipients of a scholarship will be notified in the coming weeks.  Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars is a nonprofit volunteer organization that has served Lincoln High School and Sacred Heart communities since 1988, providing graduating seniors and college students with financial and academic assistance to help them pursue and complete higher education. Last year, Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars distributed more than $30,000 in scholarships to 30 Lincoln and Sacred Heart students.

Chapter Awards 30 Scholarships for 2019
Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars has awarded 17 scholarships to Lincoln High School graduating seniors. 2019 Lincoln HS winners are (front L-R): Jessica Huynh, Huy Lin Lim, Angela Yue, Amy Lai, Amanda Lieng, Celena Kim, Sally Lei, Baoying Li, and Lucia Barranco Bautista; (back L-R): Bryant Melgar, Joanna Mata, Paola Amador, Corey Pong, Jason Nguyen, Johnny Ching, Queenie Hoang, and Haonan Feng. This year, the Chapter awarded 30 scholarships totaling $31,800 to Lincoln and Sacred Heart HS graduates.  Amy Lai, recipient of the Ted Wagner Memorial Scholarship, was also awarded a $1,000 Student Volunteer Award from Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars.  Amy is attending UC Santa Barbara.
Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars awarded seven scholarships to Sacred Heart High School graduating seniors. Sacred Heart winners are: Row 1 (L-R) - Alondra Barajas, Esmeralda Aguilar, Joselyn Camarena. Row 2 (L-R) - Naomi Rodriguez, Bryanna Garibaldi, Emily Marin, Karissa Rodriguez.

Chapter Awards 2 Renewable 2019 Scholarships

Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars® is pleased to announce that it has awarded two renewable scholarships to deserving students from Lincoln and Sacred Heart High Schools. These renewable scholarships see students through to graduation and help them complete their degree or program with a reduced level of debt. This year's recipients are (1) Amber Sanchez, a 2018 Sacred Heart High School graduate and current sophomore at Notre Dame De Namur University, and (2) Katherine Jin, a 2018 Lincoln High School graduate and current sophomore at UCLA.  Here are their stories.

Amber Sanchez
2018 Sacred Heart HS graduate, Sophomore at Notre Dame De Namur University
Recipient: Diana Fuentes Michel Renewable Scholarship

In my first year of college, I immersed myself in the school culture by helping in the admissions office, which allowed me to expand my school knowledge, and engage in functions such as sports, and extracurricular activities. I helped coordinate events for incoming freshmen such as open house and school visits. I gave tours to families and provided insight on my experience as a college freshman. My involvement also provided me the opportunity to represent private school college students demonstrating financial need at a conference with former state representative, Kevin Mullin. Shortly after, I was elected to attend the annual AICCU Memorandum in Sacramento, to speak on the need for more funds for Cal Grant eligible students because I maintained a high GPA and demonstrate financial need. In my first year, I was challenged to excel in my studies while adapting to a new environment. College in San Francisco was difficult at first because most of my peers were familiar with an area that was completely new to me. Not only was it difficult to adapt to a new city culture but it was also hard that my family was far away and getting homesick was really rough my first semester. However, I am proud that I overcame this barrier by focusing on my schoolwork and always keeping a clear vision of my goals. I'd like to give my utmost appreciation to Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars and Diana Fuentes Michel for their continued support and for awarding me this renewable scholarship. Thank you!
Katherine Jin
2018 Lincoln HS Graduate, Sophomore at UCLA
Recipient: LH Dollars for Scholars Renewable Scholarship
I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to receive this renewable $1,100 scholarship!  Attending the #1 public university, UCLA I have found myself surrounded by opportunities I never thought possible. I have used what I have seen to further develop my personal and long-term career goals. Loving biology as a young kid, and constantly wishing I was 'strong' enough to help my family who suffer from a variety of medical conditions, one thing remained clear- without health we can achieve nothing. With health being my priority, I have had a very strong inclination towards the medical field to become a doctor who can both make my family proud and help many more people to come. I am currently on a pre-med track and hope to enter medical school and continue to learn more about what I have learned I love: Immunology Sciences. Through plenty of research opportunities over summers, that I applied to, I learned a lot about what it really means to become a doctor, and the steps as well as the hands-on work it requires. This has all still led me to want to continually explore my passion in the medical sciences. UCLA gave me the perfect major to also pursue this. Again, I want to express my deep appreciation to Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars for helping me as I venture through my college years.

Where are they now?
On Track for Graduation!
2016 Renewable Scholarship Recipients
Yadira Cruz
2016 Lincoln HS graduate
Senior at Humboldt State University
"Majoring in Criminology and Justice Studies, the academic year 2019-20 will be my final year at Humboldt State. After graduation, I plan on attending graduate school and study in Law and Public Policy.
Throughout my time at HSU, I have been on the Dean's List for academic achievement. This year I am excited to be serving as the 2019-2020 Associated Students President. When I am not working in the Office of Admissions or studying, I enjoy reading, watching movies, and visiting the river. One of the main reasons for attending Humboldt State was because it was far and completely different from L.A. Although the distance from Humboldt to East LA and finances are challenging, this scholarship has helped lift a financial burden from my parents and me. Attending a California State University is not cheap, and because of this scholarship, I don't have to worry about basic needs like rent, food, transportation, etc. Thank you Dollars for Scholars!"
Elizabeth Hernandez
2016 Sacred Heart HS graduate
Senior at Cal Poly Pomona
"My junior year was the most arduous year! I took 28 units while running cross country and track. I was again voted track captain and am on the Team Impact committee. Recently, Cal Poly Pomona partnered with Team Impact, a national nonprofit that matches collegiate teams and families with children battling serious illnesses. My team was paired with Valeria, a 9-year-old girl with leukemia. With her charisma and my team's dedication, we performed well at our conference championship. Although we fell short in cross country, I hope to lead the team to the national championship this year. I am pleased that I have been named editor of The Poly Post, our student publication, and continue to cover news and campus events. Also, I work part-time at the College of Business. As I start my senior year this fall, I am honored for the support of Diana Fuentes Michel and Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars on my college journey."
Elizabeth is the first recipient of the Diana Fuentes Michel Renewable Scholarship supporting Sacred Heart High School graduates. 

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Our mission is to mobilize our community, through scholarships and educational support, to make post-secondary success possible for Lincoln Heights students.

Our goals are to (1) provide scholarship assistance for as many graduating Lincoln and Sacred Heart high school students as possible who plan to attend an accredited four-year college or university, community college or vocational institution; and (2) develop financial resources for the continuing distribution of scholarships for those graduating students to continue their education.


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