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Scholarship Applications are now open!

Including TWO $750 Community College Scholarships

In addition to our chapter scholarships, LH Dollars for Scholars is offering two $750 scholarships for Latinx Students for tuition, books, and other college expenses - applicants must be 2024 graduates of Lincoln High School and planning to be full-time students at a California Community College or vocational school.  The Watson Community College Scholarships will help Lincoln High School Hispanic seniors launch their education beyond high school. The scholarships are funded by the Benjamin (Wads) Wadsworth Trust.  Ben was a retired Lincoln HS teacher, long-time board member, and Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars officer.  

Lincoln Heights Dollars for Scholars has removed the minimum GPA requirements to apply for all general scholarships.  However, all donor-restricted scholarship GPA requirements remain in place. Students MUST submit their high school transcripts to be considered for any scholarship.  

Applications close at midnight on
April 11, 2024

If you have problems applying, contact us at LincolnHeights@dollarsforscholars.org
and we will set a time to walk you through the application process.  

ChapterNet is your "one-stop-shop" for everything related to our chapter's scholarships. Click below to log-in and create or update your profile, and you'll be able to apply for the scholarships you're eligible for with just a few clicks. And it's not just our chapter's scholarships --- ChapterNet's simple, straightforward design helps students find scholarships they might not have found otherwise - and since all of the student's basic information is already in ChapterNet, applying for multiple scholarships is faster and simpler.  

Word limits: We ask that applicants limit their responses to
all essay questions from 100 to 150 words.


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